Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The Sexiest Female Forms of the Summer Olympics

So a list of the 50 hottest female Olympians was compiled by some website called WebTVHub. The actual list is titled "The Sexiest Female Forms of the Summer Olympics." I guess we should have seen this coming. What I find funny is that it's from a random website (random to me at least) and not Maxim of FHM or something. You can view the entire list HERE.

Now I'm going to keep most of my comments to myself because, well, just look at the list. But I will say that I do like the pic of Katerina Emmons of the Czech Republic holding a rifle (I guess that is her sport), that's hot.

I also found THIS, The 26 Hottest US Olympic Women (I guess of all time). I have no idea who created this one, but I found it on

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Tuesday, August 19, 2008


I thought this website, EngrishFunny was legitimately funny, so you should check it out. There's a few crappy ones, but then there are one's that say "Please do not feed the fish with your private," which I imagine is good advice.

Though I would like to say it's a pretty terrible looking site with it's yellow and brown design.

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Hot Coffee On The Subway

This morning I was one the subway, or should I say crammed into a subway car. It was completely packed. And what do I see in front of me, when I can't even lift up my arms? A guy attempting to drink Dunkin Donuts Coffee.

I don't understand why people buy coffee just to bring it on the subway. Can't you just get it at work or school or wherever you're going? Why do people think "Hmm I should get a scalding hot beverage and carry it with me for 20+ minutes in a packed space where no one can move, that's a good idea." Come on, what the F. Seriously, who thinks that? You can't drink it, you have to hold it, and you may even spill it on someone. And if you spill it on me I'll knock your block off. These are probably the same people who make awesome decisions like taking the elevator to the 2nd floor or bringing bikes on the subway.

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Friday, August 15, 2008

Get Barack Rolled

You've heard of being prepare to be BarackRolled

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Thursday, August 14, 2008

President Bush Loves Ass

Apparently, Misty May asked President Bush to smack her ass. He didn't though, it's not like he's stupid and/or prone to poor decisions or anything.

Original article HERE.

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Caught by Google

Don't get drunk and pass out on your front lawn, or this might happen to you. Thank you Google street view.

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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

High Police Officer Calls 911

Apparently in Michigan a police officer confiscated some marijuana and brought it to make brownies with his wife. This video below is from a Fox news affiliate playing a recording this officer made to 911. Why was he calling 911 you ask? Because he thought he and his wife were overdosing on his stolen pot brownies and that he was dead. Pretty funny stuff

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The Earth Is Flat

A few days ago, there was a nice article from the BBC about people who think that the Earth is flat. Not people who used to think that...people who do think One of my favorite quotes from the article: "The space agencies of the world are involved in an international conspiracy to dupe the public for vast profit," says Mr McIntyre. "

I think I'm more amused by the claim that the space agencies of various countries are conspiring to create a conspiracy for profit more that the fact that these people are ignoring visual proof...let alone the laws of physics.

You can read the full article HERE.

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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Paris Hilton Mocks McCain

John McCain compares Barack Obama to Paris Hilton stating he's simply a pop culture celebrity. Now Paris Hilton shoots back in a video on I don't much care for Paris but I think this was a nice shot (good job Paris' PR folks). does have some pretty clever and/or funny videos if you look around.

See more Paris Hilton videos at Funny or Die

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Schlitz Returns

Beer lovers rejoice. The holy beer nectar or Schlitz is back (thanks for the news MSNBC)!

Apparently Schlitz' formula had been changed numerous times which resulted in the grossness that everyone associates with the beer. I think though, that a lot of people associate some "funness" with it from their college days...I could name of ton of people I know that do...probably because it was ridiculously cheap. Apparently this stuff is selling out in Milwaukee and stores are creating waiting lists! And by the way, what a ridiculous ad that is (posted above)!

Schlitz is a badge. Wear it proudly. Next time you're at the bar do what Farva would do and order "six Schlitz'."

And now, once again courtesy of MSNBC, I present to you, a brief history of Schlitz:

1849: German immigrant August Krug opens a small restaurant and tavern in Milwaukee, begins to brew beer and turns it into a brewery.

1850: Joseph A. Schlitz, 20, immigrates from Germany and works for Krug as a bookkeeper.

1856: Krug dies, leaving no offspring, and Schlitz takes over management of the brewery.

1858: Schlitz marries Krug's widow, Ann Marie.

1861: The brewery is renamed the Joseph Schlitz Brewery. Schlitz runs it with Krug's four nephews, the Uihlein brothers.

1871: The Great Chicago Fire destroys many of that city's breweries, giving Schlitz an opening to expand his business.

1875: Schlitz travels to Germany and is presumed dead when his ship sinks in a storm. Since he had no children with Krug's widow, the Uihlein brothers take over the brewery.

1893: The company introduces the slogan "The Beer That Made Milwaukee Famous."

1902: Schlitz surpasses Pabst as the world's best-selling beer after selling 1 million barrels that year.

1912: Schlitz bottles its beer in brown bottles, marking the first time a brewer does so. The dark color prevents light from spoiling the beer.

1920: Prohibition begins. The brewery makes soda, malt syrup and candy. It survives because the Uihlein brothers have extensive real estate holdings.

1934: Prohibition ends, Schlitz resumes production and retakes No. 1 sales spot.

1953: Strike by Milwaukee brewery workers hurts brewers like Pabst, Blatz and Schlitz, which lose market share to rivals such as Anheuser-Busch Cos. Inc. of St. Louis.

1954: Schlitz briefly rebounds to again be the world's best-selling beer.

1955: Anheuser-Busch takes over the top spot, which it still holds.

1975: Immediate family management of Schlitz ends and distant relatives and outsiders take over the operation.

Mid-to-late 1970s: Schlitz still sells well, so the new owners try to make more by shortening the fermenting process. But the beer has no foam and is flat, so managers add a seaweed extract. But that turns solid after sitting in bottles for a few months. Schlitz sales fall and the old formula is gone.

1981: Production of Schlitz ends in Milwaukee when workers strike.

1982: Detroit's Stroh Brewery Co. acquires Schlitz and sells off many of Schlitz's plants to pay for the acquisition. It focuses on promoting Schlitz' secondary brand, Old Milwaukee.

1999: Pabst Brewing Co. buys Schlitz from Stroh.

2008: Schlitz reintroduces the classic formula.

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